Home Setup? to squid or snort or ssd

  • Since 2.2 I wanted to upgrade my N40l to my N54L with 16 gigs of ram. I have an intel dual nic in her (same as on my N40L). My current set up is base pfs with pfblocker and openvpn only. I have around 20 devices that are connected.

    My question is 3 fold.

    1. I have an old 60 gig ssd - do i need to jump through any BSD hops to get trim activated?  (ACHI is on in the bios)

    2. for a home network is it worth using a proxy to keep my family safe (I am taking care of the PCs so I care about outside in)

    3. For basic incoming IDS can I set snort up so its not so hard on the hardware / internet speed? Or is it even worth it for a home / small home business.

    Thank you from cold NJ - today's project pfSense 2.2

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