Siproxd 0.8.0_2 pkg v1.0.2 and pfsense 2.2

  • hi,

    i just would like to know if anyone is having problems with the latest 2.2 and siproxd package.
    after i upgraded to 2.2 my phones are not registering i had to downgrade back to 2.1.

    also some of the icons shows that services are off but they are running. do i have to reinstall the system with a backup?

    ie: ipsec tunnels show disconnected on the GUI but they do work. Services page shows all with X next to them but they are running.



  • Working fine here…

    Have you set a sip proxy on your phone devices? I noticed my devices would intermittently pass the proxy when I hadn't set mine, on all pfSense versions Ive used it on.


  • i never had to set up sip proxy on the phones to get it to work and everything worked fine on 2.1.5. ill try to upgrade to 2.2 again and set the proxy on the phones to see if that fixes anything. it's strange.

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