[SOLVED] NAT doesn't work in proxmox environnement

  • Hello

    I'm a daily user of pfsense. I like it very much

    I migrate it to Proxmox (proxmox-ve-2.6.32: 3.2-136) without any problem.

    I use 2 linux bridges (e1000) for the network interfaces (one for WAN and one for LAN) with static addressed for the 2.

    All the former functions work correctly except NAT.

    I was using an automatic NAT translation I see the automatic rules created but when I try to ping outside my network, I don't see the traffic translated by the pfsense.

    When I change the pfsense into routing mode it works correctly.

    When I used "Diagnostics"/"States" I always see "no states".

    Do you have the same architecture and do you use the nat function in proxmox environnement.



  • I find a solution

    I don't know really I find a solution but the NAT works correctly

  • I change the processor type from kvm64 to qemu64

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