Upgrade - websites are timing out

  • I just upgraded my N40L with deal port intel 1000gb nic from 2.1 to 2.2.  Now random sites are timing out and the speeds are horrible. I reset the modem and the pfsense box to no luck.

    I tested on 4 machines all connected to the main switch. My wife even tried to go to Panera's website to order lunch and it times out 3 times before she got on to the site.

    I swapped out the server and installed the old router and all was fine.  I see the firewall logs are blocking alot of outbound traffic on ports 80 and some 443.

    I didnt find any solutions in my searches.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Should I start over fresh or is there a config issue?

    There are no packages installed.

    help.. ty

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    Post said firewall logs.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What error do you see when the sites timeout?
    Are you running the DNS forwarder or resolver?
    Can you ping external servers reliably?

    Some sites are loading OK from your description?



  • Steve,
    Thank You for your response, sorry for the late reply I was on snow shovelling duty from the boss=)  The time outs are 401s.  I was able to load up the main amazon page, toss in a search then it 401 ed on me. I will check the DNS settings as you posted, but I did nothing from 2.1….  just upgrade.

    I will try to post firewall log file as soon as I can find the correct way to do it.  time to search...  Sorry I am a BSD noob but know my way around a nix box ok.

    ty Bill

  • @Derelict:

    Post said firewall logs.

    Derelict: I will as soon as I know how to do it properly lol

  • @Steve:

    apinger Gateway Monitoring Daemon status  Running
    dhcpd DHCP Service status  Running
    dnsmasq DNS Forwarder status  Running
    ntpd NTP clock sync status  Running
    openvpn OpenVPN server: WAN OpenVPN Port status  Running
    sshd Secure Shell Daemon

    I never realized dnsmasq was running before. I dont recall ever setting it up.  I need to follow the link you provided. Some times the site resolves sometime no.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Last time I saw something like that was using muliwan load balancing. Some sites can't handle you coming from multiple addresses. I haven't seen that for while though and I wouldn't expect Amazon to have a problem.


  • Since I don't have a lot on the firewall I am going to Nuke and Pave. Thanks anyway for the help.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Often the fastest way, though less satisfying.  ;)


  • For me satisfying is not chasing my tail for a week.

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