2 WAN 1 LAN Picking what Nodes use what WAN?

  • I have a network with two WANs.

    Once is a small T1 for the phone system and security system. <–-Original WAN

    Then I have a bigger connection for PCs. <---New Service OPT1

    If I want to keep the phone system and security system using the original WAN and then want the PCs to use the new service what is the best way to set that up?


  • I'm going to assume from your post that you are not using VLANs and also have all of this equipment hooked up to a switch attached to your pfSense box via the same LAN interface.

    In that case, what I would do is create a container (Firewall > Aliases > IP) for your phone and security systems. Enter their IP addresses and save the alias as "t1devices" for example.

    Now create 2 new gateway groups (under routing)

    The first group can be called "T1primary" and should contain the T1 as Tier 1 and optionally your Opt1 gateway as a Tier2 if you want failover

    The second group could be called "Opt1primary" and would be Opt1 = Tier1 and again, the T1 as Tier2 if you want your PCs to be able to fail over to the T1 if opt1 goes down.

    Now, go to Firewall > Rules > LAN and change the default LAN>internet rule to use gateway "opt1primary"

    Next add an additional rule (put it At the Top) and for Source choose "Single host or alias" and put in the alias you created before (e.g. "t1devices") and select gateway "t1primary" under Advanced > gateway.

    Save and test – should work as you are asking.
    If in the future you have additional devices that you want to "force" to use the T1, all you have to do is add their IPs to the t1devices alias.

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