Cisco VPN pass through very slow when behind pfSense

  • Hello,

    I have a workstation on my network connecting to a remote firewall using a Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. The issue is that speeds drop to a low extreme once connected.

    Prior to VPN connection, the workstation gets the full bandwidth speed (lets say 25Mbps) and once the connection is established, its drops below 3Mbps and upload gets even worst (0.2Mbps)

    Since there's a lot of factor that could explain this, I check a few things and did some troubleshooting:

    I had the issue before, on same version (2.1.5), when I was doing the initial setup. I reverted back to a previous snapshot (VMware) and the issue disappeared. I continued my configs and the issue didnt reappear. Now, my pfsense has been working well for a while but the VPN slow speed has come back out of nowhere!

    Any advise or tip would be welcome. If you know what logs to check to try and pinpoint the root cause, id really appreciate.


  • Did you find a fix?


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