Seeking for Answers

  • Hi!
    Good day to everyone.

    I'm new in pfsense, I just want to seek answers.

    Im currently using PLDT MY DSL router..
    would it still work if i'll use pfsense as my remote web configuration app?
    some advised me that this application manages internet configuration easily and safely.
    by default, pldt my dsl has a web configuration, but i find it hard.. and not so easy to used.

    all i want is to have a web net configuration app that would help me determined IP adds, and set ALLOWED USERS to access the net… shows their web history.. etc..

    note: currently users of the internet are connected to wifi access.. not to LAN.. only i have the direct access LAN.. since i only have one cable.. and its inside my office..

    thank you in advance for future responses re: to my agony.  :D

  • Might it be you are mixing some things up here?

    pfSense is a full blown, enterprise grade router/firewall that runs on most any standard PC-based hardware.
    It has a WebGUI for configuration but by no means is it a replacement GUI for your DSL router.

    Given the feature set of this software and your statement that your "PLDT my web configuration is not so easy to use", chances are, that pfSense is overcharging your current capabilities. Expect a steep learning curve at least.

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