DNS Resolver IP?

  • Upgraded to ver 2.2R, a number of things are messed up, won't list em all here.  As for Unbound now being localhost and not a package, all my references to it "were" the Lan IP.  Should it remain this way or should localhost now be used as the local DNS address instead?

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    Not really sure what "references" you mean. Localhost "reference" will only work from localhost.

  • Sorry to bother, I think I figured this one out.  I can choose Lan1 and localhost as the resolvers network interfaces. So nothing should change in my rules or Lan DHCP server DNS addy.  It's just simply adding resolution for the localhost in addition to Lan1.  I thought it would have to be one or the other and it mandates that localhost be one of them.

    Consider this resolved.

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