Bridge a port over vlan

  • I was wondering, I've got this pfsense router behind a NAT'ed modem/router, and i wanted to transport a lan port from that modem over a vlan, bridge it.

    How would I bridge such a lan port over a vlan to an other pfsense, .. is that even possible, .. and what do i need to enable in my network switch to enable such a thing, like stp, rstp, ..

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    I have no idea what you're actually wanting to do.  You know the drill.  Diagram.

  • Thank you for your patients, ..

    VR2-------------- BRIDGE enabled no IP's assigned
    RE1_VLAN20: DHCP & DHCP6

    RE1_VLAN20 gets an IP assigned and IPv6 assigned, and ipv4 can connect to the Internet, however IPv6 for some reason doesn't seem to work.

    I can ping to the assigned IPv6 within my network between routers between clients even from different prefixes, however for some reason I can't make it reachable from the Internet, ..

    EDIT: I've ran tcpdump, the traffic is arriving on the pfsense2 router however for some reason it's not routed to the vlan20, however when I ping from pfsense2 to the same IPv6 it is routed to that IPv6?

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    Use an outside switch.

  • I found the issue, again strange, ..

    so all the traffic goes as it should only the reply is fucked, .. I've added a static route to make 2a02:1810:118f❌:/56 use the vlan20. However it doesn't do that, it chooses to ignore that static rule and uses the default gateway of pfsense1 to reply.

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    Is your cable modem a router or a bridge?

    I still have no idea what you're trying to do.

    I still have absolutely no idea why you're trying to use a bridge there.

    What is this fascination with bridging interfaces?

  • Well, I want to balance traffic over IPv4 and IPv6, .. lets say you go to I'd like that traffic to go over the cable/modem. Yes the cable modem is a router, but not by choice though, the ISP delivered it like that. So I can setup port forwards and dmz and firewall rules on that modem, but that's it. However the ISP delivers IPv6 natively as well.

    But in order for me to send traffic to the IPv6 of the cable modem, I apparently need an IPv6 of that modem on my main Pfsense, .. so I've setup a bridge all seems to be working the only issue I have, is that the for some reason, .. which is beyond me, it chooses to use the default gateway. Rather then the gateway set for the prefix.

    Even if I set firewall rules to make all traffic go through the specific gateway, it still refuses to do so and chooses to use the default gateway.

  • Just found the problem and made it work

    System>Advanced>Firewall/Nat uncheck "Disable reply-to on WAN rules"

    Now ping works and TCP and UDP.

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