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  • have a cable modem now and a dsl connection dsl is capped at 6m and company doesn't bond at this location nor will they use mlpppoe
    cable modem is 4 amps from the fiber node and its the only one on that amp and its have massive bonding issues dropping and adding channels every 2-3 minutes and it never lives up to it package.
    short from moving which isn't possible any advise or tips

  • Got a wireless shot to anywhere a decent net connection is available?

  • yeah actually have a 115' tall grain leg just trying to get provider interested who knows if that can happen

  • If you can't find someone willing to do the deal you can put up your own wireless link and make a deal with someone to have a net drop and antenna installed at their location. I have had several friends do this type of thing to bring the net to a remote cabin or even to provide service to an RV park. Just saw a post from one park that went from a crummy DSL link or cable system that was always having issues with staying connected to a direct wireless shot into town and are now getting 90+ on their speed tests and so far no down time on the link.

    Ubiquity offers some really nice gear, others here will know a lot more about what gear is good though.

  • Who is your phone company that supplies the DSL connection?

    In my case at one of our spur offices, we have Centurylink (non bonded area).  With them I use a different ISP and actually taught them about MLPPP.  Since then they now sell it (though its not advertised on their web page).

    Might be a good solution for you as well if you have a local ISP that wants to try.


    Do you know any people closer to the cable system node?  As in right near it?  ;D  the aforementioned wireless may be your best solution.  If this type of work is something you need to hire out you might contact a local two-way radio dealer in your area and see if they can take on the job.

  • windstream is my dsl provider don't know if they offer third party isp option

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