Where to put the pac file in Pfsense

  • Hi,

    can you please tell me where/how to save the .pac file in Pfsense?
    I know i'ts under:
    diagnostic –>edit file --> but in which folder???? etc?var??

  • I have to make some assumptions here because you didn't really provide anything in the way of details about what you are doing.

    IF you are trying to do Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD), AND you have a proxy.pac file, AND you plan on hosting it on your pfSense box AND it's running the WebGUI in HTTP THEN you would put your proxy.pac file in /var/www.  Make sure you copy it to wpad.dat as well.

  • thx for your reponse,

    there's no /var/www but only /usr/local/www/ so you certainly meant /usr/local/www?? right

  • Duh, sorry.  Yes, /usr/local/www.  I've been juggling CentOS, FreeBSD and Ubuntu Server for the past couple of days now and they all start to swim around in my head.

  • thx very much for your help

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