Pfsense ssh'd me into router instead of server without password

  • disclaimer: i probably dont know what im talking about.


    pfsense 2.2
    always-on-pc that i reach by SSH'ing to my domain name, and pfsense NAT's it forward to port 22 on server.

    I was working from home on work laptop, through work VPN.  When I do this, then I have to Putty into my external domain name to reach my server instead of using the local LAN server name.  All working fine.  I use ssh keys for this.

    Normally, when I disconnect from works VPN, if I try to SSH to the external domain name, it fails to reach the host.  I have to use another Putty profile to reach the local server name.

    But not recently!  I disconnected from work, and tried to Putty into the external domain name (did this by accident) and got a completely different prompt!  I had been logged into the actual pfsense router without supplying any credentials.  It used the key file for my server to authenticate me.  I have not investigated further.  Is it "just me" or is there something I missed?

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    Maybe you put your SSH key into pfSense in a user (System > User Manager)? Seems the most likely explanation.

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