Backup Cert Mgr configuration

  • Hi,

    When taking a backup of the pfSense config, the Cert Mgr is not backed up, and all certs are lost unless I have manually downloaded every single cert/key pair. Is there a reason to why the Certs are not backed up when backing up/restoring the pfSense config?

    I have a lot of usercerts for OpenVPN Server.

  • Banned

    Works just fine for pretty much everyone but you.

  • Yeah, when I do a config backup, all of my certs and CAs are backed up.

  • Ah,

    I have never restored all data, only individual backups. I see now that the full backup backs up certificates and CAs.

    When transferring my pfSense installation to a new machine, I have preferred to only restore some parts of the config (i.e., not the interface config due to network adapter differences) but I guess the easiest way will be to restore the full config, and change the network config manually from the console.

    Sorry for the hassle.

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