PFBlocker/PFBlockerNG dest IP blocked but logged as pass WTF?

  • Hi
    I had a Pfblocker using OSSIM ip list.
    One valid peer vas included in the block list and starting to be blocked, after a few days, it was out of the list but still if I ping from behind any of firewall interfaces, my ping or telnet :25 does not get any answer.

    At firewall logs I see the source and destination ip with a green mark so it appear to pass, but all replies to 25 TCP port and icmp are timed out.

    I updated to pfsense 2.2, installed PFblockerNG and delected old list from directory, I deleted all old pfblocker firewall rules but still I have not response.

    If I ssh into the firewall and try to telnet to 25 from firewall it answer without problem, but not answer behind any other int.
    What could be hapeninng?

    Im getting crazy guys

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