Multi-WAN using WAN1 to stream over twitch, and use WAN2 to connect to the game

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    As title points out I'm interested in using a multi-wan setup to be able and stream over popular portals like twitch, my issue is that on my country the highest upload speeds available for residential use is theoretical 768Kbps, I have been able to tweak the streaming program to successfully stream at medium quality, but doing that kills my internet connection in a way that it will lag out of most online games.

    So i was wondering if it was possible to setup my local gateway in a way that allows me to connect to the game (WoW, BF4, LoL, Dota2, etc..) using WAN1, and manage all streaming packets over WAN2.

    I'm currently using latest Pfsense version available, already have a working multiwan between a Wifi Infrastructure (Called it WWAN) and a wired modem connection (WAN1), ports used by Twitch streaming service are 80, 443, and 1935. And was also reading about that they use RTMP protocol over TCP.

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    The key will lie in identifying the twitch traffic, or the game traffic, and policy routing it separately. How you do that is up to the services in question.

    If all the twitch traffic goes to a specific IP, or if the game traffic goes to a specific IP, then you could match that, or match by port numbers perhaps.

    As long as you can match the traffic with a firewall rule, you can make that happen, but the specifics of that depend entirely on how the services operate.

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