• Hi there, sorry if this is not the right area to post this question. If not, just let me know where should it be posted.

    We have a pfSense 2.1.5-RELEASE (ad64) with the following interfaces;

    LAN (vr0)
    WAN1 (xl0)
    WAN2 (ppoe0)

    I would like to be notified via email when the main link (WAN1) goes down and the WAN2 takes over
    Also, I would like to be notified when (WAN1) comes back again and WAN2 goes to stand-by again.

    The traffic and gateways setup is working just fine, I am just trying to setup the notification for the events.

    Also, if for whatever reason this could not be done, is there any way for me to check the Interface Link status from other program?

    If I am using some monitoring program on my network, what would be the best way to get this info?

    Is WAN1 link UP ?  Is it down?

    I think of looking up the content of a log file that would have this logged, or maybe some url that would give me the status of the interface, something like:

    if url pfsents/intefaceWAN1 respond in X milisecond, then WAN1 is UP, otherwise it is down….

    Where does the UI of pfSense gets the Interface status from ?

    Any help, would be greatly appreciated.


    Paulo Tebet

  • I don't think pfsense can be configured to send you a mail. But you can setup an snmp server and make snmp server mail you.

  • just add your email address under system : advanced : notifications

  • Can your get pfsense to send out an email when a connection is back UP?