Gmirror problems with installation of pfSense 2.2

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to install pfSense 2.2 using the live cd installer with  2 80g HHDs on a i386 hardware.

    As the installation is proceeding I see on the screen:

    GEOM_MIRROR: Force devise pfSenseMirror
    GEOM_MIRROR: Device pfSenseMirror Destroyed
    GEOM_MIRROR: Force devise pfSenseMirror start due to timeout.

    I'm seeing these message countless times until I'm able to launch the Installer.
    At this time I'm able to select the menu option to create the gmirror with a success message.

    As soon I select to yes to format the drive I receive a error message.

    Execution of Command

    /sbin/bsdlabel -B -r -w ada0s1 auto
    failed with return code 1

    When I view the log at the bottom.
    bsdlabel unable to get correct path ada0s1. no such file or directory.

    I am unsure what next steps I need to do get past this hurdle.

    Your help would be much appreciated


  • Banned

    Do the prehistoric drives actually work? Like, did you try to at least run a full S.M.A.R.T. self-test on them?

  • From what I gather both hard drives are fine. I ran Seagate tools on both using quick test and the both passed.

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