NAT rule with port translation

  • I am currently using no-ip Mail Reflector to work around Verizon blocking port 25. Additionally, I am migrating from Ipcop to pfsense 2.2.

    In Ipcop, I have setup a simple port forwarding rule:

    Proto Source                   Destination

    TCP         DEFAULT IP : 8025 => : 25(SMTP)

    I am learning to use NAT rules.

    Currently, my mail server is residing on its own interface (i.e. Orange) along with other servers (Web etc)

    So far, I have created a new NAT: Port Forward rule.

    I have chosen:
    WAN under interface
    TCP under Protocol in the Redirect target IP, I have chosen SMTP under redirect target port.

    Where do I enter 8025 as the port number I want to translate?  does it go under Destination port range or under Source port range?


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    does it go under Destination port range


  • Thank you


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