Squid and Google Drive

  • Has anyone gotten the two to play nice together?  I have no problem with my users and Dropbox or OneDrive.  Hell, even my OwnCloud instance I have running on my VPS works perfectly.  But not Google Drive.  I have one VIP user who insists on using Google Drive, and it can't connect behind Squid no matter what I try.  I had to make a firewall exception to let this guy out directly and not through Squid, and I hate exceptions.  Anyone?

  • You mean Google drive app or ssl site?
    Are you using authentication on this squid?

  • The Google Drive app.  Web version works fine.  We don't use authentication for Squid at all.  I've searched a bit and others seem to have this same problem.  Manually setting the proxy address in GD Prefs doesn't help.

  • Did you tried to ask Amos Jeffries on squid list to see if it's something squid 3.5 has already fixed?

    I saw squid 3.4.12 release notes and at least for ssl bump it has some improvements.

  • Thanks for the tip.  I'm running Squid non -transparently, if that makes any difference.

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