Pf 2.2 not starting after power failure

  • Hi all,

    I got this in console mode and it seems to be stuck there:
    7731 files, 6781g_vfs_done():18 used, 1180808ufs/pfsense0[WRITE(offset=237568, length=1536)] free (448 fragserror = 30
    , 147545 blocks, 0.0% fragmentation)
    mount reload of '/' failed: Read-only file system

    ** /dev/ufs/cf
    ** Last Mounted on /cf
    ** Phase 1 - Check Blocks and Sizes
    ** Phase 2 - Check Pathnames
    ** Phase 3 - Check Connectivity
    ** Phase 4 - Check Reference Counts
    ** Phase 5 - Check Cyl groups
    25 files, 2666 used, 98389 free (21 frags, 12296 blocks, 0.0% fragmentation)

    ***** FILE SYSTEM IS CLEAN *****
    rm: /conf: Read-only file system
    ln: /conf/conf: Read-only file system
    g_vfs_done():ufs/cf[WRITE(offset=237568, length=512)]error = 30
    Setting up memory disks… done.
    pwd_mkdb: /etc//pwd.db.tmp: Read-only file system

    / f
    / p _
    / Sense


    Welcome to pfSense 2.2-RELEASE  ...

    cp: /var/db/pbi/keys/pfSense-BETA.ssl: Read-only file system
    Creating symlinks...rm: /conf: Read-only file systemg
    _vfs_done():ufs/cf[WRITE(offset=26357760, length=4096)]error = 30
    ln: /conf/conf: Read-only file system
    …ELF ldconfig path: /lib /usr/lib /usr/lib/compat /usr/local/lib
    32-bit compatibility ldconfig path: /usr/lib32
    cap_mkdb: /etc/login.conf.db: Read-only file system
    g_vfs_done():ufs/cf[WRITE(offset=8192, length=1536)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/cf[WRITE(offset=237568, length=512)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/cf[WRITE(offset=26353664, length=4096)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/cf[WRITE(offset=26357760, length=4096)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/pfsense0[WRITE(offset=477347840, length=4096)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/pfsense0[WRITE(offset=477351936, length=4096)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/pfsense0[WRITE(offset=477356032, length=4096)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/pfsense0[WRITE(offset=477368320, length=4096)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/pfsense0[WRITE(offset=477376512, length=4096)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/pfsense0[WRITE(offset=477380608, length=4096)]error = 30
    g_vfs_done():ufs/pfsense0[WRITE(offset=490606592, length=4096)]error = 30

  • after a fsck -y seems to work but I still see those errors in logs.system is loaded from an sd card.

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    Stop repairing. Replace the card, reimage and restore latest config backup.

  • ok…not what i have expected...card is brand new...but still...i'll do that.
    thx for the answer.

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    I've had tons of "brand new" SD cards DoA. My sad experience is that the "quality" goes quickly down, the higher the class is. Class 10 were a total disaster, more of those were broken than actually working. I assume you have no other option than using an SD card?

  • unfortunatelly i only have sd option.damn…lexar must be better i guess...judging from the price...

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    Would be interesting to know the brand/product number of the card. Running a little farm of raspberry pis (24/7) always interested in SD-card experiences…



  • now i run the Trancend class 10 4 gb

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    unfortunatelly i only have sd option.damn…lexar must be better i guess...judging from the price...

    Hmmm… Well, you can try to reimage the current card as well, but really chances are high it will either not help or it's gonna crap out again soon... (Repairing filesystem is a total waste of time, wouldn't trust the result at all...)

  • just ordered new cards.hope this time will work more time :)

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