Traffic Graph - Bandwidth In, Bandwidth Out

  • Dear All,

    I'm new to this pfSense setup and I would like to know what exactly is displayed in Traffic Graph as Bandwidth In and Bandwidth Out.

    I have an 8M ADSL Link ; Bandwidth IN is recorded as 7Mbps (around 6 and 7 Mbps) and Bandwidth Out as 500-600 Kbps.

    No limits or firewall rules have been applied.

    Thank You.

  • A measure of how much bandwidth is being used by the specified interface, incoming vs. outgoing.

  • In and Out is with respect to the interface.
    So on WAN, In is from the internet in to WAN (download) and Out is out of WAN to the internet (upload).
    When looking at LAN, then Out on LAN is traffic from the internet going through pfSense and Out of LAN to LAN clients (download) and In is the reverse, from LAN clients heading towards the internet (upload).

  • As illustrated:

    ![pfSense Inbound vs Outbound.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfSense Inbound vs Outbound.png)
    ![pfSense Inbound vs Outbound.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/pfSense Inbound vs Outbound.png_thumb)

  • Thank You very much for everyone who has replied to this .. Thanks again

    I have implemented this in an Office Environment ; as i said before the the incoming WAN link is a Broadband 8M,
    but the users complain that the internet speeds are slower to their terminal.
    I contacted the ISP, but they responded positive that there isn't any issue at their end.

    Limiters / Traffic Shapers / Rules have NOT been applied yet ;

    What could be the reason for this ?

  • Have you done any empirical measuring to make sure your users aren't just seeing things?  If you have an 8Mb link and you're seeing 6-7 Mb, that's pretty good.  If you go to Status - RRD Graphs - Quality, what do you have for Packet Loss?

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