Require console login (pfsense version 1.2-release)?

  • I have seen several references in posts from late 2007 about enabling console login in the system -> advanced menu.  However all I see is an option to disable the console menu.  Will this require a login or is it not possible to disable the automatic root login for pfsense 1.2?

    This firewall is in a shared room, and my supervisor and myself would feel more comfortable if the firewall would not automatically login root.

  • The only option at system>advanced is to disable it completely. My recommendation is to enable ssh console and disable the local console login then. Other option is to enable the serial console and tell nobody about it  ;)

  • I'm new to BSD. (we're trying out pfsense because I decided I want to learn how to use it).  How would I disable local login? Will disabling the menu disable to console as well?

    EDIT: Thanks for the help.  I'm going to leave the console as is.  It should be safe enough, it's still in a restricted area.

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