Ultrasurf IPs I have found!

  • I found this IPs when doing some test to block ultrasurf 13.04 and 14.05
    I blocked them with a rule doing reject and an alias.
    Now no more ultrasurf from my network (for this versions I suppose).

  • I think Ultrasurf 14.05 is trying to do a search on google!
    I'm capturing packets with wireshark to try to understand what is this!
    Maybe a way to get new servers?

  • If you create some malware which posts a unique string to some website, you can use Google as a known constant & thus communication server as its almost certain Google will spider the website and they now encrypt their main searchs but for some reason dont encrypt Google Scholar but I digress, so get your malware to search for a unique string, visit the google cache to get rest of message which might be posted by another alias on a website's comments or in a thread on some forum.

    The ways to communicate in plain site without using encryption algo's are enormous, you just need to think of it.

  • Ultrasurf contacted Google and asked this url:

    So I tried to open it on Google Chrome and view source but can't find anything that says what it is doing.
    I suppose Ultrasurf is getting new ip addresses of servers using this way.
    So, is google being used by ultrasurf ? Is google aware of this? may this be legal?

    I suppose its legal because is Google Mobilizer Service. A service to show an entire website as mobile friendly.
    Good trick Ultrareach!

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