Multi Wan and RRD graphs are incorrect

  • I am using a multi wan configuration.  Mainly for inbound web server traffic.  I have 2 ISP links coming into to PFSense.  I have NAT/FW rules and use RR DNS to balance traffic.  All of that works great.  However RRD shows all outbound traffic going over em1.  Even though it should be split over em1 and em2.  My SNMP monitoring solution shows the outbound traffic split correctly over both interfaces.

    Anyone have any ideas on this?  Below are the RRD and SNMP graphs for each interface.

    em1 - RRD Graphs:

    em1 - SNMP graph

    em2 - RRD Graph

    em2 - SNMP Graph

  • Bumping this.  Should it be posted in another forum?  It is driving me nuts..


  • Never seen anything like that. The RRDs create their stats from pf counters. What are the rules like that permit this traffic? On each interface, or a group, or floating, or?

  • I have an inbound NAT rule on each interface for port 80/443 that routes into the main web server.  Response from the web request returns out the link it came in on.  Not sure exactly where RRD gets its data from, but it is obviously different than where SNMP gets its numbers from as the SNMP data is correct, validated by looking at my usage graphs from the upstream ISP links.


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