IBM x3250 performance prediction

  • Hi all,
    I'm going to deploy a cluster using two IBM x3250 with a single Intel Xeon dual core at 1,87ghz with 2gb of memory.
    Each server will have 10 NICs, the two embeded broadcom and 2 additionnal Pci-E Intel pro 1000PT quad ports adapters.
    I have validated the hardware today and I got my ten nics showing up ;-).
    How many throughput do you think I can expect from such a configuration ?

    As always, I will report on hardware compatibility ;-)

  • It depends heavily on what you're doing.  Pushing 10 Mb/s of 1400 byte packets has a completely different impact on the system to pushing 10 Mb/s of 140 byte packets.  Pushing that traffic through 2 interfaces will have a different load than pushing it through the 10 interfaces.

    Also, the use of IPSec or other VPNs will have an impact.

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