Proxy Inquiries for Experts

  • Hello.

    I have several unanswered questions about proxy usage. I hope there are expert users who can help me with this inquiries:

    1)  I've been using version 2.0.3 because I need proxy functionality and multi WAN working at the same time. Is there a way to have this configuration with the newer versions?

    1. I found some references about Diladele Web Safety software. How it compares with SquidGuard?. I have been using Squidguard and I found the package very easy to use and reasonably efficient. Why are people using Diladele if it is much more complicated to install and configure (it is not even a pfsense package)?

    2. Is it technically possible to do transparent proxy filtering with HTTPS?  I mean without touching anything on the client side. Currently I use Squid+SquidGuard and WPAD discovery. I works 75% (sometimes Proxy auto configuration doesn't work and I need to manually enter proxy settings on browser). Can HTTPS traffic be silently intercepted by the gateway and proxied?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

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