Several LAN through one NIC and NAT

  • hi
    i have a setup in my work place , here is setup :
    multiple lan 192.168.x.x subnets and 1 172.16.x subnet .
    they are all going through a CISCO router through a fix ip address
    i have some problems :
    1. if i set network & mask on LAN NIC , only 192.168.x  clients can connect and 172.16.x cannot connect.
    2. if i set network & mask on LAN NIC ( it can't accept zero i guess because it becomes like a default gateway ), all clients can connect but most of internet sites become down ( appear to be down) , i guess because of IP bigger than which is the mask.
    what i want is to set things up in a way that all my sublans can connect to pfsense in a way that doesn't interfere with internet routes.

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    So you want this?  If not, describe your network better.

  • quite reverse , all subnets are VLANs go to cisco router (192.168.x.x and 172.16.x)
    cisco router has a port connected to pfsense directly with IP and pfsense LAN IP is
    first problem is that if i set mask on pfsense's LAN to 24 , 172.16.x.x connections are all rejected
    and if i set mask too low like 1 , internet routing malfunctions .
    i thought maybe i can set VLANs up on pfsense to accept all connections , am i right ?

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    Don't know.  Draw a diagram.

  • it is like this :

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    So pfSense is and the cisco is

  • yup

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    System > Routing, Gateways tab

    Create a gateway, interface LAN, Name Cisco, Gateway

    Do not check default or anything else.

    System > Routing, Routes tab

    Add a route for, Gateway Cisco
    Add a route for, Gateway Cisco

    See what that does.

    And do yourself a favor and put your DSL modem in bridge mode and let pfSense grab the public IP address from the ISP on its WAN interface.

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    You also want to create outbound NAT rules for those networks.  Is this pfSense 2.1 or 2.2?

  • 2.2
    strange thing is that there is already an astaro device m which works perfectly without any settings.
    i have already put ADSL modem in bridge mode, because i don't like double NAT too :)

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    Maybe they enabled dynamic routing protocols.  Doesn't make any sense that it would just work with no config.

    Anyway, you want to add outbound NAT rules for and

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