Holonyx pfSense

  • Anyone see the difference here - http://www.holonyx.com/pfSense-Firewall.html - is this just support or a fork of pfSense?

  • :D
    This looks to me like the early pages that tried to make money out of bittorrent.
    –> they "sold" you the client for 30$ or so ^^"

  • I know of them, don't know much about them though. It's likely just a slightly rebranded version. The way we control (to some extent) companies other than ourselves and our partners from profiting off the project without giving back is restricting usage of the logo, it looks like they just slapped a different logo on there.  Not sure if they provide support or what.

    For support, we have commercial support available from the foremost experts on the project with BSD Perimeter and Centipede Networks.

    I strongly recommend against doing business related to pfSense with any company other than BSD Perimeter and Centipede Networks, the primary corporate sponsors, and those listed on our recommended vendors page on the website.

    These companies provide significant resources to make this project what it is. Anyone not listed on our website is trying to profit off the project without giving back.

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