PFsense Content filtering in cloud

  • I am very naive to PFSense/networking, I want to make solution like

    I want content filtering based on User and not DNS, As I guess DNS based is very general and not PolicyBased.
    Can anyone help me how can this be possible?
    And Filtering requests should come only once when user logs in Captive Portal and then from local PFSense only it should go to Internet CLoud.
    Also any link how current Cloud Level Content filtering works? Like Websense/Webroot etc?
    Are they user based or DNS based?  If User based does their all traffic pass via cloud ?

    PFsense installed on customer premises, and Content filtering happens via Cloud installed Tool/Squid.
    Is it possible then how? If anyone can help me to understand .

  • Use this…You can make a whitelist for the allowed subnet or users you want as well.

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