Services and RRD graphs won't start after reboot

  • I'm having an issue where cron and igmpproxy refuse to start automatically after a reboot, and where I need to manually disable and then enable the RRD graphing functionality in order to generate any graphs (both .png and the DBs themselves).

    System.log gives absolutely no indication of what the problem might be (grepping for cron or igmpproxy yields nada).

    This is a fresh 2.2 install with a restored config.xml from a previous 2.1 setup. I've tried uninstalling all packages and then installing them back. Since the logs are of no help here and I'm not too familiar with FreeBSD, I figured I'd ask if anyone here has had a similar problem and how they dealt with it?

    I'm putting this in General because the issues with RRD graph lead me to believe the problem goes beyond individual packages.

    Note: The system.log I attached has one line concerning RRD graphs and igmpproxy each, those appeared after I manually started igmpproxy and disabled/re-enabled RRD graphs. No mention for cron though, even though I manually started it the same way I started igmpproxy.

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