Problem routing ipv6 interfaces

  • good afternoon

    I have a problem with ipv6 routing
    I have a prefix /48

    router isp  xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::1/48

    pfsense config

    WAN IP xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::2/126 and gateway xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::1

    this works OK I can ping internet from the interface wan.

    LAN IP xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:yyyy::1/64

    PC  xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:yyyy::2/64

    From the lan interface I can not ping the ip of the router

    from the PC I can ping the wan interface pfsense but not the ip router

    I have ipv6 enabled and firewall rules let pass all traffic ipv6 in the 2 interfaces

    edit photo

    thanks for the help

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Why do you have a different mask on your wan IP then your gateway mask of /48?  The mask of your interface that talks to the gateway should match the mask on the gateway.  You have /126, but in your pic you list /64 on your pfsense wan ipv6 IP?

  • The router I have no access my isp routed me prefixed with the mask / 48

    I proble to change the mask of wan to pfsense a / 126 to be more restrictive but does not work

    apart, then I have a default route pointing to the ISP router

  • if someone could give me an alternative functional configuration, would appreciate.

    any help is welcome;)

  • When communicating with outside, you should adhere to /64 IP mask per interface, else things break.

  • I changed the mask wan pfsense a / 64 and the problem persists, there is no response from the ISP router.

    The strange thing is that from any pc I answered the wan ip of pfsense, and from the wan interface of the router responds pfsense me.

    But since the pcs isp router interface is unresponsive.


  • Assure your connection with a reboot of ISP-router and the pfSense-box in cascading sequence.

  • hi

    I 've tried several times even simulations with another pfsense a PC emulating the ISP router and the same result

  • Hmmm, tell us how do you issue IP to PC's ?
    i.e. Static, DHCP6-server and/or SLAAC ? How is your radvd settings ?

  • in test environment emulating the isp router with routing pc changing the mask / 48 to /64 and creating a static route routing prefix / 48 to the wan ip of pfsense
    working properly

    It is normal to have to do this? should not route all traffic to the mask / 48?


  • not use or dhcp or Ra ips the assigned manually

  • You get an /48 space supply. Of this /48 you can chop something like say /56 up into subnets of /64 (these are 255 LAN's or NIC's)

    Reliable communication goes with /64.

    So you can do a Static like 2A02:babe:face:1::1/64 for LAN-1
    And you can do a Static like 2A02:babe:face:2::1/64 for LAN-2

    Suppose you connect a switch to LAN-1.
    Then you can attach a PC on that switch (to LAN-1) give it a Static, say 2A02:babe:face:1::beef

    And you need RA to set on Router Only if you do Static, else no routing…

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