• Anyone using Intel XL710 based network cards?

  • Somebody there?

  • lots of somebodies here …  probably nobody here (that wishes to comment) has used that card

  • Netgate Administrator

    Mmm, when you get to 10G you probably have only a few percent on the community with hands-on experience and at 40G even less. The ixl(4) driver is in FreeBSD 10.1 but I couldn't tell you whether that particular card is known to work.  :-\


  • Holy crap. I just looked at Intel ARK and it has a recommend price of $200 for their new dual port 40Gb NIC. Is this the beginning of 10/40 becoming affordable? If I can get this card for under $300, it'll be one of my next upgrades. My firewall so happens to have a PCIE3.0 16x slot, in which my i350-T2 is currently. Maybe Christmas time.

  • are you sure that isn't the chipset alone?

  • @irj972:

    are you sure that isn't the chipset alone?

    I believe that's  correct, thats the chipset price. Dual Card should go for $500ish

  • Soon I'll be working with some these XL710 network modules…

    The hardware platform will be a powerfull one, with a lot of 10Gbps modules and some 40Gbps. We're considering things like Intel DPDK to get the maximum performance from this platform.

    Soon as I put my hand on this little network toy, I'll post the first impressions here.


  • Hi,

    Your last post was in March and I am not sure you are watching this thread but in case you are: can you share the specs of you pfSense hardware in where you plan to install these 40G cards?