Shared External IP Issue

  • Hi

    Just wondered if you can shed a light on this issue.

    What we have currently installed are 2 pfsense systems both with its individual external ips and is also sharing another external IP (for redundancy).

    Both individual external ip's responds well when pinged externally. However when the shared ip is pinged, packets starting to drop.

    From what I have read and the advise I got from some of me expert mates, it may have something to do with load balancing e.g. Carp or failover config.

    I'm a newbie in this field and wondered if you are able to help of where to start or check?  : )

  • Have you set a rule  to allow access to WAN CARP IP, not just WAN IP?

  • Hi

    well this setup is an inherited matter so not really sure where to start. I am learning as I go and work on what we've have got at present.

    So when you say wan carp ip im assuming you are referring to this shared ip that is being used by both firewalls?

    I would also assume that that particular rule that you have mentioned has been set as we have not been having any reports of it.

    I will check though. Any other tips of what to check?

    Also noticed that the ntp time sources on both firewalls are different? Should they be the same or is once suppose to be relying on the other machine?

    Just logically thinking as if a server time is not syncing, you can't rdp to it. Not sure if that is a contributing issue?

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