Snort - Starting Issue

  • I am running Pfsense 2.2 with no issues. I tried to install the most recent version of snort but at the end of the install process it fails to start. The package shows it is installed but it does not show up as a service in the status menu. At the end of the install process the browser just stalls saying wait to start package but nothing happens.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Some questions for you to help with troubleshooting:

    1.  Did you ever run Snort before?  In other words, could there be an old Snort configuration that the package install is seeing and using?

    2.  Are you running a full install of pfSense on a HDD or SSD, or is this a NanoBSD installation on a CF card?

    3.  Do you see any messages in the system log related to the Snort package?

    Some notes –

    If you once had Snort installed and the setting enabled to save the configuration, then the new install will detect and try to use those old settings.  If that old configuration used a ton of rules, it can take many seconds (up to 1 minute or more) for Snort to start.  If you leave the package installation screen before that process completes, the final piece of package installation will not happen and you will not see a Snort menu selection under SERVICES.


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