Problem with LAGG interface/regular NIC on CARP setup

  • Noob here,

    Is there a problem in CARP when using LAGG interface on pfsense 2.2?

    Sorry I can't post a screenshot right now since my actual setup was removed.

    I setup a LAGG interface just for my LAN only nothing more nothing less just for load balance feature. On my both firewall machine it had a same specs and same setup. Both Primary and Secondary Firewall were perfectly sync.

    This is my NIC setup on both primary and secondary firewall

    NIC1 configured as LAGG0 - set as LAN 10.10.11.x/24
    NIC2 configured as LAGG0
    NIC3 configured as WAN1
    NIC4 configured as CARP sync set as 172.16.x.x/24
    NIC5 configured as WAN2

    My problem was, my 5th NIC can't sync on Secondary Firewall, Do you guys encounter this problem? Already tried too many working NICs but still the same persistent problem

  • To all who want to have a secondary firewall as your backup. Don't ever try to set a LAGG interface.

    Upon observation, When you setup LAGG interface into your secondary firewall backup, then the other interface you had will not sync just like mine. But when you set it all as single interfaces in can sync with no problem.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If the settings were truly identical, it would have worked. Something must not have matched.

    There are many CARP+LAGG systems working OK on pfSense 2.2 (and 2.1).