Beginner Networking question

  • Hey,

    So I didnt purchase any components to build a pf box.  I am looking at the following though.  with a (1.8 celeron quad core,32 GB ssd added and prob 2-4 GB ram)

    I was thinking of getting the add on for 4 intel lan ports.  My question is this:  Do I purchase a wifi card and drop it in the pfsense box…..or do I use a spare router(as an access point?).  I will use 3 lan ports(hardwired to modem, hardwired to main PC, hardwired IP CAM), if I drop the wifi card in.  If not, this is not a problem, because I assume I will just use the 4th lan port to connect a switch then router as AP or  just a router as an access point.  Based on my configuration above, what do you think is the preferred setup.  This is the most important to note:  I just started school for IT Security so I want to play with everything on PFsense, such as VPN tunneling, Snort, etc.  What allows me the greatest ability to have the most network security and range to experiment with the extra features of PFsense.  Do I use the PFsense as a standalone wireless router connected to the modem.  Or do I turn DHCP off on an old router and use it as an access point for wireless, or even  do Pfsense--->switch---> router.  Are these configurations correct, and if so,  what is the preferred method?  I only use about 3 other wireless devices, the rest are 3 hard wired devices.  Thanks

  • In the end, I think you'll be much happier with an external wireless access point. It will be more stable, easier to configure, and separately upgradeable.

  • You might be better off buying a preloaded device from the pfsense store.  Price is going to come in pretty close.

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