• Hi!
    I had a lot of problems probably caused combination of bridge mode Dovado Pro + pfsense firewall. There was some problems when opening links (not opened at first time) and some connection with Apple (Ipad updates) did not work etc.

    Before this pfsense was attached to zyxel adsl-modem and it got public ip from there (no limiting rules for outgoing traffic)

    After I connected wan ethernet cable to the Dovado Pro (with bridged mode & public dynamic ip address) all configurations were unchanged but I started to get these connection problems. Pfsense got correct dynamic public ip from USB-modem (Huawei E3372) which is connected to Dovado Pro.

    Then I tried this that I dropped pfsense away and configured Dovado Pro to the router mode -> everything is ok.

    However there is a lot of limitations when I compare Dovado against pfsense and I love pfsense. Would you have something which could cause this kind of problem?

    • Zyxel adsl - pfsense -> ok
    • Dovado (bridge mode) - pfsense (no changes to configurations) -> problems
    • Dovado (router mode) -> ok (so there is not connection problems in 4G)

    edit: I got this kind of answer from some people: "Try lower mtu in pfsense sounds like you have a mtu issue".

    What would be good MTU value to try?

    edit2: Googled a little bit… have to test this with tcp optimizer application. Right now with Dovado Router mode I could set MTU to 1500. Need to check how it looks when Dovado is bridge mode & pfsense is running.

  • Hi,

    Did you find what the problem was as im atm facing the same issue. Im using E3372 -> Dovado Pro (bridged) -> pfsense router/firewall. In bridged mode and connected to my pfsense router connection drops off all the time and ping to google is all over the place. With Dovado in routed mode and pfsense router removed everything works nice. Pfsense was working fine earlier when i had ability to use cable connection and modem.

  • Same here…
    any idea?