• Hi,

    I have two issues with this install.  It boots fine off the CD (pentiumIII box).  But when I select 99 to install to harddrive it tells that 'The installer could not find any disk suitable for installation…' despite that it just booted from the liveCD with installer files seconds ago..

    Secondly when it asks for the name of the LAN interface and I enter 'eth1' it complains about 'invalid interface name'.  I have IPCop installed in this box and both NICs work nicely.  What does pfSense call the network interfaces...?

    Thanks for comments on this



  • It shows you a list of detected interfaces on top of the assign dialogue. Depending on your hardware this can be rl0 (for example for the first realtek), xl1 (for the second 3com) and so on. You have to choose from that list or use the autoassign process (see http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Chapter_3:_Installing_pfSense#Initial_pfSense_configuration ).

    The message you get when running option 99 means there is no suitable TARGET for installation. No HDD or whatever madia you want to use. It's not complaining about the cdrom being bad.

  • Thanks, I did not recognize the nic id list.  Works fine now.

    As for the second issue, this box has a hdd with ipcop installed, I thought that the pfsense 99 task would give me the option to erase this partition and install pfSense on it.  When I remove the CD ipcop boots up just fine from this hdd.  Can the ipcop partition be locked somehow so the pfsense installer does not recognize it.  I willl try to remove this partition manually and check.

    Also a very minor issue, I use a national keyboard layout.  However when I select 99 / Change keymap there is no keymap list to select from, just <return to="" config="" console="">regards


  • Usually 99 should be able to kill existing partitions but I would give erasing the disk and removing all partitions before a try. It's evil Linux  ;D

    For the keyboard issue, once you have the livecd up go to the webgui and enable ssh at system>advanced. You can use ssh to run the installer or other console commands too. (be aware that creating keys will take some time depending on your cpu speed before ssh is started). This is not really aa solution but a workaraound.