Siproxd - call failed - operation not permitted

  • Hello,
    I'm running siproxd 0.6.0 and cannot seem to get any of my phones working.Siproxd is spewing out the following error constantly. any advice?

    running 1.2-RELEASE.
    I tried building the 0.7.0 package on another freebsd, scp'd it over along with libosip3. delete libosip2 and siproxd-0.6.0 and added the newer versions. I still received this error until I changed the user = root from user = nobody

    13:47:55 ERROR:sock.c:175 sendto() [ size=649] call failed: Operation not permitted

    here is my config
    if_inbound = vr0
    if_outbound = rl0
    sip_listen_port = 5060
    daemonize = 0
    silence_log = 0
    log_calls = 1
    user = root <– when set to nobody i receive the error above
    chrootjail = /usr/local/siproxd/
    registration_file = siproxd_registrations
    pid_file =
    rtp_proxy_enable = 1
    rtp_port_low = 7070
    rtp_port_high = 7079
    rtp_timeout = 300
    default_expires = 300
    debug_level = 0x00000000
    outbound_proxy_host = las-obproxy.*****.us
    outbound_proxy_port = 5060

  • after switching the user in siproxd.conf to root it seemed to work for a few days then started throwing the "call failed" error again. Switching the user back to 'nobody' didn't seem to fix it either. I removed both the packages siproxd-0.7.0 and libosip-3.0.1, reinstalled them and siproxd seems to have stopped throwing that error.
    anyone have any thoughts on why sendto() is failing for siproxd?

    09:51:01 siproxd.c:320 back from sipsock_wait
    09:51:01 security.c:48 security_check_raw: size=562
    09:51:01 register.c:238 sip_register:
    09:51:01 sip_utils.c:772 looking for magic cookie [z9hG4bK9e63911FFC8E92]
    09:51:01 sip_utils.c:786 existing branch -> branch hash [ecb3ad80fc56fa4c103f998cee1e35ff]
    09:51:01 sip_utils.c:586 adding VIA:SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKecb3ad80fc56fa4c103f998cee1e35ff
    09:51:01 ERROR:sock.c:175 sendto() [ size=645] call failed: Operation not permitted
    09:51:01 siproxd.c:294 going into sipsock_wait

    09:51:02 siproxd.c:320 back from sipsock_wait
    09:51:02 security.c:48 security_check_raw: size=567
    09:51:02 register.c:238 sip_register:
    09:51:02 sip_utils.c:772 looking for magic cookie [z9hG4bKde49a53666CE8D7D]
    09:51:02 sip_utils.c:786 existing branch -> branch hash [f943627343cb464fa1c256d671bb4461]
    09:51:02 sip_utils.c:586 adding VIA:SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKf943627343cb464fa1c256d671bb4461
    09:51:02 ERROR:sock.c:175 sendto() [ size=650] call failed: Operation not permitted
    09:51:02 siproxd.c:294 going into sipsock_wait

  • My first guess is that it did not remove the prior packages correctly.  I would try to pkg_delete any remaining packages after uninstalling from the GUI and then reinstall the newer packages.

    Also do a pkg_info after uninstalling the package from the GUI and lets see if it is indeed not removing them correctly.

  • did a fresh install with 1.2-release and the siproxd 0.7.0 pkg (thanks for updating that so quickly). everything seems to be working smooth so far.

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