Have to Reboot A lot

  • When I make a change in my pfSense box such as anything in the 'settings' area of the system logs, or any changes in the 'captive portal' or 'passthrough MAC', my CPU usage goes to 100% and sticks there, my GUI hangs, and I have to reboot my pfSense box in order to get the change to apply and for me to be able to access anything on pfSense?

    This doesn't happen infrequently, it happens EVERY TIME I make a chenge…


  • What hardware?
    Have you tried waiting until the CPU load goes back to normal?

  • What hardware? What version?

  • It does not go back to normal, just sticks at 100%.

    Version 1.2, old HP Vectra I think is a a PII processor, 256K of RAM, don't remember the hard drive and I'm not near it…

    Didn't do this when first installed though???

  • What does top report when that happens? You can run it from diagnostics>command or from the shell for a more dynamic view.

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