Zabbix proxy on pfsense

  • Just wanted to get clarity of few things in order to understand the how to setup a Zabbix proxy on pfsense. I've been reading manuals and posts about this for days but I can't really seem to get the answer to these questions.

    I've installed the package "BETA zabbix24-proxy-2.4.3 pkg v0.8.3 platform: 2.2" on a pfsense 2.2-RELEASE (i386).

    Question 1) Do I need to install some sort of database on the pfsense? It's described in several articles that when you run Zabbix proxy on *nix you should install SQLite for example. Is that needed on pfsense too?

    Question 2) Does anyone have a working example they'd like to share? I'd like to know how you setup your environment, as in which device your monitored hosts report to, how you setup the hosts in the Zabbix server.

    I'm trying to figure out how the communication path is suppose to work, but I can't seem to get a grip around it. Any help greatly appreciated!

  • Okay, managed to find the answer to question 1; No, you don't need to install a database, all dependencies are installed automatically.

    The problem I have was first due to an old zabbix server install. Had to update repository and reinstall everything to get to version 2.0.4, by then the proxy connected, but still not giving any updates… This is from the proxy log (Diagnostics > Command > cat /var/log/zabbix2/zabbix_proxy.log);

    48130:20150306:000852.584 received configuration data from server, datalen 12339
    48130:20150306:000852.713 failed to update local proxy configuration copy: invalid field name "items.filter"

    All Google reveals is someone having a similar error on an older version of the proxy. It ends with a recommendation to reinstall, which I did, but it didn't help unfortunally. I don't see any updates in Zabbix, so the error needs to be resolved somehow for it to work.

    Any ideas?

  • Got it working…

    First off I had to update zabbix server to 2.4.4, which required update to Ubuntu 14.04 (well maybe it was doable on 12.04 but I needed to upgrade anyways). After that I had to configure the agents behind to proxy to each use their respective subnet proxy, even though they're the same:

    server1 is, gateway (pfsense with zabbix proxy) is, so agent points to
    server2 is, gateway (same pfsense) is I tried using as proxy since these subnets are open in between, but that didn't work. Only when I set as proxy it worked. Which I find weird, but okay.

    Lastly, in zabbix web I had to setup each host with their internal LAN ip (i.e server1, not the external IP of the router as you would when not using a proxy. Strange that there are no info at all about this in the manual, or even on google. When you're a newbie at zabbix like me it's not really obvious.

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