Plans for PPPoE / PPTP options on OPT1 (WAN2) interfaces in coming release(s)

  • As I understand Pfsense now, you can only use PPPoE and PPTP clients (and Big Pond) on the WAN(1) interface to connect to an ISP via these methods, but not the OPT1…OPT2.... interfaces as these only accept DHCP and Static IP addresses. Right now, I have to use a broadband router using NAT to a DMZ on the OPT1 IP address on the second WAN link since I have ADSL with PPPoE on this line and need the broadband router to handle the PPPoE.  Any news if there are plans to enable PPPoE and PPTP on these additional interaces in the future so we can skip having to use a broadband router?

  • Some modems support a so called "half bridged mode". This means the modem does the PPPoE authentication and hands out the public IP it get's assigned via dhcp to the client behind it (your pfSense). This way you have a real public IP at your optwan and don't have to do the nat/dmz attempt. Besides that there is currently no priority to bring these connectiontypes to OPT-Interfaces but it has been discussed already. A bounty might help to speed things up.

  • Ah, found the "half-bridge" mode it in the ADSL router – it was called "PPP IP Pass"  as opposed to "NAT". I hear it is also called DHCP spoofing. Now if I could only find a cable modem using PPTP that does the same thing.  My biggest problem with these SOHO routers is their poor handling of large amount of states due to memory and cpu limitations.  Heavy, continuous loads cause them to slow down and need periodic rebooting, so I want to avoid their routing engines altogether.


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