NAT over OpenVPN and some general questions

  • I am new to pfSense and I have some questions about it.

    First of all, here is my setup:

    1. Hyper-V host machine connected to my network. The network is managed by another party and cannot make many changes (I could add some routes if I want).
    2. The Hyper-V machine is running all the VMs and also a pfSense VM. Every VM is connected to a VM-private interface, except the pfSense VM which is bridged to the physical network.

    pfSense is preferred for the VM managment in order to have them "seperated" from the network and easily managed.

    Question 1:
    Using my Desktop machine (not the Hyper-V host), how can I access those machines? I am using OpenVPN for now, but is that the best option? I'm getting ~10mb/s on a gigabit network. Raw speeds are at about ~112mb/s. What about network routes?

    Question 2:
    Using another pfSense box, in another country, can I NAT some ports inside my VM network? This is where I'm stuck. I have created a Site-2-Site OpenVPN, but I think double NAT is silly.

    Thank you for your time

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