Dynamic DNS Result Match

  • Does anyone know what the Custom Dynamic DNS Result Match is looking for? I am running the DNS for my domain names and I setup a PHP Script that will update specific records to my WAN IP (since it isn't static). I would like to get the Result Match working, but I am not sure what it looks for to do the compare. Any thoughts on this?

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    Not really sure what's the question here? It looks for whatever the dyndns provider is returning on success. Can be like "Update OK" or "Gimme a beer"… does not really matter. See /etc/inc/dyndns.class

    Kinda don't get what's your plan with this regarding your DNS server.

  • After some testing, the custom Dynamic DNS is looking for what is physically returned (what is displayed in the web browser) from what I can tell. I thought it might be able to pick up something hidden in the code, but it doesn't seem that way. Thank you for the help in pointing me to the file that DDNS uses.

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