Apinger claims gateway is down

  • Hi,

    After testing PFsense for over a week I put it in production on different hardware (hyper_V with an intel 4 port nic).

    And yep, problems…

    The apinger gateway monitior daemon seems to think all of my gateways are down when in fact they certainly aren't. Every minutes or so it reports all gateways down, a few seconds later the alarm is cancelled.

    What is going on here, I have four gateways, one is an ipv6 router which is on the lan side, and two IPv4 external gateways and one ipv6 external gateway, these are not down, I pinged over ipv4 and ipv6 and not even a single ping was dropped, yet the apinger claims all the gateways are down, rinse and repeat

    I have no idea why.

  • it should say why it thinks they are down (latency / packetloss / …)

    you could try to change the monitor ip to a public pingable ip (system-->routing-->gateways-->edit)

  • The problem went away after I first delete the GW group, changed the WAN interfaces to an outside monitoring address and re-created the GW group.

    Thanks for your respons.

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