Informing users of outages

  • Is there any way to notify users of network changes through pfSense? For example, as a university, we try to notify our users well ahead of schedule regarding upcoming outages. We currently rely on sending email notifications, however, you know students don't always check. We thought about possibly rerouting the Captive Portal log-in page or redirect page. What do some of you guys do, if anything?

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    Probably not without breaking other things in the process.

    IMHO, if they want to be informed, they can check their email.

  • you could probably force everyone through captive portal and just create a splash page with useful information with a javascript that redirects them to their original request after x seconds.

    example js to submit cp form after 5 seconds

        window.setTimeout(document.yourFormName.submit.bind(document.yourFormName), 5000);

    you could create an iframe or whatever to include a specific page that runs on an internal/external webserver that you can use to easily change whatever message you want to publish

    oh yea: set  No Authentication option in captive portal ;)

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    Except that not everything on the network is a javascript-capable web browser.

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