Strange end time in Status: DHCP leases

  • Hi,

    One of my DHCP clients has lines like this in Status: DHCP leases:  78:a3:e4:eb:e0:78    2015/03/07 17:08:35  cltt 6  offline  active  78:a3:e4:eb:e0:78    2015/03/08 12:37:57  cltt 0  online  active

    Seems to be an Apple device. Anyone seen this before? (cltt = client last transaction time) Normally, end time is a date&time 2h or 24h later than start time.


  • Looks like I have a partial answer to my question: dhcpd.log tells me that this iPhone is sending BOOTREQUESTs instead of DHCPREQUESTs.

    The corresponding chapter in dhcpd.leases looks like this:

    lease {
      starts 0 2015/03/08 14:59:44;
      ends never;
      cltt 0 2015/03/08 14:59:44;
      binding state active;
      next binding state free;
      rewind binding state free;
      hardware ethernet 78:a3:e4:eb:e0:78;

    Obviously the code that builds the web page finds 'ends', hops over the next word, and takes the following two.


  • I know this has been reported before, and I thought the code had been modified to handle the "never" case. But I must have been dreaming.
    This code should fix it:

    Leases file format ref:

    If a lease will never expire, date is never instead of an actual date.

  • Are things like the below screenshot normal? Just wondering, I've never seen such things before ("tstp never" or "cltt 3" etc).  This is from a 2.1.5 nanobsd system.

    dhcpd.conf attached


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