ISCSI support

  • I was wondering if anyone had built a PF-Sense server and used a iSCSI storage instead of a local hard drive.
    RC ???

  • AFAIK native support for iSCSI didn't appear until FreeBSD 7.0.

  • I was looking a purchasing nic that had the iSCSI suppot in it.  It would connect on startup and it would show up as a avaiable hd.  what are your thoughts based on that info?

  • Personally, I think it's a bad idea (hey, you asked  ;) ).

    You've just taken a self-contained system that's critical to your connectivity, and made it reliant on an external system and your network infrastructure.  The odds of something going wrong just went sharply up.

  • strictly for experimentation.  Being able to have different iSCSI volumes defined for a single test machine and the ablitilty to change quickly based on what you are working on.


  • Ah, now that makes sense and I can see the value in a test environment.  I use VMWare much the same way (with all the security issues it brings).

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