[SOLVED]using outside domain name from inside network

  • I have a sub domain name I use to access my home server from the outside world. When I try to access that domain name from within the network (at home), I get the log in page for pfsense. When I use my cell phone to test it using a cellular data connection, I get the correct web server. How do I get the external domain name to  work when I am testing something from within my network?

    I have a dynamic IP. I have the domain name registered  with Dream Host. I have the  DDNS client on pfsense with service type set to custom. I then have the update URL set to go to a script that is hosted at Dream Host. I'm currently using port forwarding to get incoming traffic from the outside world to go to the web server in my network.

    Since it seems to work on my cell phone (out side of my network) I'm assuming it works fine. I would just like to be able to access the server from within my network using the sub domain.



  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Put a host override in DNS Forwarder/DNS Resolver, depending on which you're using.

  • Great

    Thanks for your help

    With that information I was able to do some more searching and came up with this document. It solved my problem



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