2.1.3 to 2.2.1-DEV upgrade - how to properly move from dnsmasq to unbound?

  • Running a 2.1.3 system and looking to upgrade to current 2.2.1-DEV (avoiding 2.2 due to the HA with Limiters kernel panic).

    I've read that only new 2.2 installs get unbound by default and 2.1.x upgrades will keep using dnsmasq. I do want to move from dnsmasq to unbound so i'm wondering what the proper upgrade path is here.
    The current Upgrade guide - https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/UpgradeGuide - mentions nothing on this topic.

    Should i first upgrade to 2.2.1-DEV and install unbound from the packages repo? Should i install unbound first while on 2.1.3 and only then upgrade to 2.2.1-DEV? Maybe either way works?


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    You do not install unbound on 2.2.x, it's part of the core OS install. (Yes, upgrading from the package on 2.1.x works… mostly :P)

  • dnsmasq is still used for 2.2.x upgrades even after the upgrade. I'm trying to find out what the best upgrade path to unbound is, install via packages after 2.2.x upgrade or install unbound first while on 2.1.x and then upgrade?


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    I already answered above. Dunno what's still unclear. Perhaps try re-reading a couple of times.

  • You turn off DNS Forwarder and turn on DNS Resolver…

    Its click click click simple.

  • Oh, i completely missed the "DNS Resolver" drop down option. I'm so used to only seeing "DNS forwarder" that i didn't even notice a new option.


  • Be sure to "harden Glue"…

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